Solicitor, Immigration

Solicitor, Immigration

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Andrew & Devina

Subclass 300 – Prospective Marriage Visa

We are partners who were apart for a long because of covid. We tried many agents/lawyers for help getting a visa to get Devina back to Australia. Eventually, someone recommend Sanling. She has been a breath of fresh air: direct, keeping to the matters relevant to the problem, and full of information. She was patient dealing with my many questions. She was highly competent. Sanling advised me to collect as much relevant evidence as I could and submitted Devina’s Visa application (subclass 300) in February 2020, before Covid was recognized as a serious global problem. Waiting during the pandemic caused a huge amount of stress for us both. However, Sanling alleviated this stress hugely through reassurance and continually updating my evidence. Thirteen months after my initial application, I was granted the visa.

I wish to let others know of my admiration and respect for Sanling. She can take on anything! My partner and I would like to express our thanks and gratitude for Sanling’s professional services. She has made our lives so much easier.

Brodie H

Subclass 300 – Prospective Marriage Visa

After a long distance relationship of four years, Sanling recommended the Prospective Marriage Visa. This piece of advice and the help along the way proved absolutely invaluable, and i can attest that Sanling’s services are priceless. For the months prior to submitting our application, Sanling assisted us in gathering & collating evidence to make our case stronger, and assisted us in filling out all of the correct forms within the expected dates. In July 2020, after I had been stuck in South Africa due to Covid-19, we were ready to submit our application. At the time that we had submitted our application, the estimated waiting time was 18 months for 75% of applicants & 29 months for 90% of applicants. Come April 2021, when our visa had only been in for 9 months, I needed to get back home so I boarded a repatriation flight back to Australia, knowing that our visa would likely take another year. Well to our surprise, Last night – less than two weeks after my departure from South Africa – our visa was APPROVED ! We are so beyond grateful for Sanling’s knowledge, experience and kindness as she carried us through this process. Myself & Wesley cannot thank you enough for what you have done for our lives. Our visa was approved within 10 months.

We are so grateful for the services of Sanling, as she made a really stressful situation so much easier. Her knowledge & experience in this field is incredible and we are forever grateful.

Liz M

Subclass 820 – Partner Visa

We appreciated SanLing Chan’s speedy and thorough reply to our specific queries. Very prompt and well put together response that was easily interpreted, thank you!

Helen B

Subclass 801 – Permanent Spouse Visa

Hi Sanling, I am very thankful and happy. My subclass 801 visa already granted today. Thank you very much for your kind and continued support to make it happen. Cheers.

Joshua J

Subclass 820 – Partner Visa

Having been recommended by a friend, I found San Ling to be thoughtful and highly knowledgeable about finding a pathway to resolving my complex situation. Had I proceeded based on my own research and reading, I am certain I would have found myself going down the wrong direction which could have become a painful and costly exercise. I truly valued her advice, trustworthiness and professional approach.