Solicitor, Immigration

Solicitor, Immigration

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Chris M

General Manager
Greenbase Pty Ltd

My advice is use the services of a professional like SanLing Chan from the start of your application. We did not, our application was rejected and we ended up in front of the Tribunal.

SanLing’s professionalism and knowledge at the Tribunal was instrumental in having the rejection overturned and achieving a positive outcome.

S, J and E

I would like to thank you for all the time you spent during our case with MRT. I really appreciate your effort, professionalism, dedication and empathy that you showed in helping us. I still remember when the first time we met and I was in a difficult situation, and you reassured us that we come to the right person. You are the right person SanLing.

You help us going through our case, and finally you send me an email about the good news from MRT. Thank you so much for your help.

We will definitely be recommending you to those in need.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you very much.


Subclass 857 PR Application

Dear SanLing,

This afternoon I received notice from the Australian Government that my PR subclass 187 has been granted. I wanted you to be the first to know and thank you for your wonderful assistance in working through this long process with Sheri, Christine and me.

It is truly a blessing to complete this process that we started over a year ago.

I have come to appreciate the difficult and challenging work that you have undertaken. I truly appreciate your service and friendship.


Subclass 857 MRT Appeal

SanLing Chan, I will never forget your name and what you did for us.

It’s been a long, long, long journey but we’ve made it with your exceptional devotion. From start to finish it has been a huge battle to get this genuine sponsorship case through and I can finally say that we did it. In between all the stress and despair you have given us confidence, hope and determination to attain our goal and most of all happiness. Today my wife and I can say that we are breathing and it’s all because of you that we are now permanent residents. I remember that there wasn’t one night that you were emailing or calling me, and even the day before the MRT hearing you were relentlessly working on every aspect of it.

If you people reading this are in the same situation as we were, I can tell you one thing: you won’t regret taking SanLing as your Solicitor, she is a true gem.

Thank you again SanLing and I wish you all the very best.

Trevor C

Managing Director
U E Pty Ltd

Subclass 857 Visa

I cannot express our gratitude to you enough SanLing. The best decision we have made during our entire application process over the past 3 years, was to engage your counsel to assist us in getting our applicant’s approval.

You were able to make a very complex and complicated situation, seem so easy to solve with your very clear, concise and experienced advice. Had we not engaged your services, I fear that we would not have been able to navigate the very complex migration act, and the future of our candidate looked very bleak.

As it turns out, he has been approved, he and his partner are now able to stay in Australia as they rightfully should be, but most importantly, I retain a very valued employee in my company. I very much urge any company director that finds themselves in the situation I did, to engage your services to achieve a successful outcome.

Thank you SanLing, and I very much hope that we get to work together again at some stage in the future.

David H

Subclasses 457 and 186 Visas

Since coming to Australia in 2010, I have been using SanLing Chan to sort out my 457 visa’s / Bridging Visas and finally my Permanent Residency Visa.

SanLing made the process very easy for me, sending me the forms I would need to fill out and what documents I would need to provide.

Today I received notification of grant of my permanent residency visa, only a few months after we lodged the application.

Thank you SanLing! Great Job Done!


Subclass 300 Prospective Spouse Visa (Fiancée in China)

Thank you for all your great work with our fianceé visa application. Your advice was very helpful and you showed great initiative to follow up on our application progress during our long wait for the approval.

Your knowledge and experience has made this application a success, and we really appreciate your help and guidance at every level.


Subclass 457 Visa

I just wanted to get in touch and let you know how much John and I appreciate all your hard work getting our visa approved, I know it was very difficult and stressful at times.

You have been amazing, we will be recommending you and your business to everybody we know.

Thank you very much.

Monica Y

Subclass 857 MRT Appeal

I first heard about SanLing from the radio (98.5 Sonshine FM) and after a chat with her over the phone, I introduced her to my employer to act on our behalves for our upcoming Tribunal case.

Through my personal experience, SanLing handled with my case professionally. She demonstrated her professionalism as what she proclaimed on her own website.

Besides, during the tough times, she dealt with my negative emotions.

SanLing showed me she had a genuine heart for her clients and that allowed me to put my trust in her.

I am grateful I can find a migration agent / solicitor like SanLing. I will not have any doubt to recommend her service to those in need.