Solicitor, Immigration

Solicitor, Immigration

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MRT Review and Subclass 300 Visa

I would like to formally thank you for all the services you provided myself and mostly D* over the past couple of years.
In particular, your assistance with the MRT case is appreciated.


Subclass 190 Visa

Dear San Ling,

Thank you for the wonderful news today which we received of our daughter’s permanent residence visa which we have been waiting for patiently.

We really appreciate your efficient and swift services, plus your valuable knowledge and input when DIAC was going through some major problems in October 2012, and teething problems with Skill Select due to the change of laws.

We’re indeed thankful for your dedication and commitment to giving us this positive outcome and we will definitely refer your services.


Subclass 190 Visa

Dear SanLing,

Hope you are well! Wanted to share our good news.
We got our PR visa grant yesterday.
Had to share it with you. Can’t forget the time you saw us through!

Thank you.


General Skilled Migration Subclass 175 Visa

I would like to thank you so much for all your help and understanding of such a emotional situation. Your advice and expertise certainly made this whole endeavour a calming experience.

Victor S

My good fortune to have met SanLing Chan on a migration matter some years back. We kept in touch and I had occasion to use her services several times since. SanLing has never disappointed. On the contrary, she continues to impress with commitment, diligence, depth of knowledge and importantly, speed. She always tells it as it is. I would not hesitate recommending SanLing to anyone needing help with migration issues.

E & C

Subclass 892 Visa

Dear SanLing,

We are so happy about the grant of our Business Skills Residence Visa. Without your very professional help and advice it would not be possible for us to get it.

We wish you all the best and we are very sure, that you make lots of other people happy like us today.


Subclass 119 Visa

My sincere thanks and appreciation for your effort in helping me and my family thru the tight timeline with my subclass 119 application before the change of laws.

You were very patient and have provided me with sound and valuable guidance, thus I was then able to write a better resume of my career and provided more solid evidence of my past achievements for submission.

Although you were away on holidays, you even took the effort to reply to me. Again, I must say, without your assistance, my Visa Grant would not have been successful.


I thank God that at a time when l was running out of options and ideas He spoke to me through SanLing, and she helped me find the best road to take. Having been advised and made aware of the other options l could take, l was encouraged.

Now as l leave Perth to go offshore and apply for the 190 visa, I believe that it shall go well. l know in normal thinking it’s best not to count your eggs before they hatch, but I am reminded of 2 Cor 5:7, ‘ for we walk by faith not by sight’… It shall go well…

Thank you SanLing!

Kylie F

Partnership Visa Application

Hi SanLing,

I was so touched to receive the email below. This email confirms (pretty much what we already knew) that SanLing is an excellent referral for us when dealing with enquiries that need the assistance of a Migration Lawyer.

Many thanks to you SanLing!

Hi Kylie

Just wanted to write you a quick thank you, for referring my case to SanLing.

I spoke to you on the phone a few weeks ago about my visa situation and you were the only one I spoke to that offered any beneficial help.

SanLing was absolutely amazing and gave us a clear picture of what we needed to supply to DIAC.

We had an email from DIAC a few days ago saying that they have decided to waive the 12-month relationship requirement in this instance and the visa has been processed to the final stages.

We are so happy and relieved.

Thanks again,
Mitch P