Solicitor, Immigration

Solicitor, Immigration

Here’s what the clients are saying!


Kylie F

Partnership Visa Application

Hi SanLing,

I was so touched to receive the email below. This email confirms (pretty much what we already knew) that SanLing is an excellent referral for us when dealing with enquiries that need the assistance of a Migration Lawyer.

Many thanks to you SanLing!

Hi Kylie

Just wanted to write you a quick thank you, for referring my case to SanLing.

I spoke to you on the phone a few weeks ago about my visa situation and you were the only one I spoke to that offered any beneficial help.

SanLing was absolutely amazing and gave us a clear picture of what we needed to supply to DIAC.

We had an email from DIAC a few days ago saying that they have decided to waive the 12-month relationship requirement in this instance and the visa has been processed to the final stages.

We are so happy and relieved.

Thanks again,
Mitch P


MRT Review Subclass 410 Retiree Visa

Thank you for the wonderful work put into the appeal. The recommendation given by Jenny was spot on. I’ll be having dinner with her tonight to celebrate the good news.

From a fellow lawyer to another: “Well done – very professionally done.”

Bronwyn M

Subclass 457 Visa

Thank you very much for your help with preparing to apply for a 457 Visa for our friend and colleague. Your expertise and experience were invaluable. We were also very grateful for your understanding and compassion, which combined with your extensive and detailed knowledge of the regulations made the whole process seem much more manageable. We will be in contact again soon.


In a competitive industry where good staff are hard to find, I found myself in the position of considering sponsoring two staff for PR status. When I looked into the process initially, the task was daunting and quite frankly I was way too busy to do it. Finding SanLing was a God-send. She offered sound advice and the fact I could trust her completely and leave the whole process to her to look after was invaluable. Would I recommend her to other employers – absolutely!


Subclass 857 Visa

SanLing is very experienced, knows the best way to get the right visa. Very simple & straight forward. She is really good on what she’s doing.

David & Celyta M

Subclass 820 Visa

Thank you SanLing for your professional and compassionate handling of our case.

We know that without your help we would not have had such a positive outcome.

Our family will be forever thankful to you and we would recommend your services to anyone else in similar circumstances.

We are all still on cloud nine after receiving the good news.


Subclass 190 Visa

I highly recommend SanLing, in less than 3 months I got the State sponsorship approved, and the 190. After submitting my last document, SanLing forwarded me an email few hours later informing me that my 190 was granted. What a good news and what an efficient work. Thank you SanLing!

David & Sandra

Subclass 820 Visa

We owe you so much for guiding us through the visa application process. We are both really happy and none of this would have been achieved without your help.


Subclass 457 Visa

Hi SanLing,

Thank you so much for all your advice and support. Fortunately my employer was willing to renew my 457 visa.

Anyway Lucky and I got married last week on Thursday the 6th December.

Got our Nomination Number on Friday 30th November.
Submitted our 457 visa online on Sunday night 9th December.
We had the medicals done Monday morning the 10th.
Got our 457 visa granted today 14th December 2012.

We were going to be sitting and waiting for the Pool only to be told we got 28 days to leave the country had we not received your advice.

You are really appreciated. We would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone.