Partnership Visa Application

Hi SanLing,

I was so touched to receive the email below. This email confirms (pretty much what we already knew) that SanLing is an excellent referral for us when dealing with enquiries that need the assistance of a Migration Lawyer.

Many thanks to you SanLing!

Hi Kylie

Just wanted to write you a quick thank you, for referring my case to SanLing.

I spoke to you on the phone a few weeks ago about my visa situation and you were the only one I spoke to that offered any beneficial help.

SanLing was absolutely amazing and gave us a clear picture of what we needed to supply to DIAC.

We had an email from DIAC a few days ago saying that they have decided to waive the 12-month relationship requirement in this instance and the visa has been processed to the final stages.

We are so happy and relieved.

Thanks again,
Mitch P