Solicitor, Immigration

Solicitor, Immigration

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Annette T

I did some research on Immigration Lawyers in Perth and came across SanLing Chan Lawyers. Reviewed most of the latest reviews listed on her website which engaged and captivated my attention. I searched her profile which in turn gave me an insight of SanLing’s aspirations in life. I discovered a professional person who genuinely knows what ‘service’ is all about. Who cares to
serve her fellowmen.

Furthermore, I went on reading some of her ‘case studies’ she represented and again demonstrated the art of service in a professional capacity.

I telephoned SanLing Chan Lawyers and the call was received by SanLing in the flesh. After exchanging the pleasantries I went on to deliver what my enquiries was about and if she will be available to render her services.

She politely advised her expertise, commented on the matter in question and solemnly made referral of engaging another professional whom she has very high regards for. In this case it wasn’t just another ‘lawyer’. She made a point of directing me to a lawyer that is a specialist.

Although she was in the process of attending a meeting, she still chose to give me her undivided attention. Gave me details of direction which I accepted. Provided peace of mind and comfort on what and where to go next. In life it’s not all about what you know but who you know. Thank you SanLing.

In summary SanLing was not available for me but the essences of this ‘review’ is that she still served me and it was in the capacity of a brief acquaintances over the phone. Normally enquiries are addressed by making an appointment and at the conclusion of that appointment comes the cost.

SanLing you have an eye of being ‘true’ to form. True to your follow men. True to the profession you have chosen. The ‘blessings’ of service will prevail one day.

Cynthia K

DoHA Decision re Subclass 482 Nomination Refusal Remitted back to DoHA

We would like to express my gratitude to SanLing for her invaluable assistance in helping us obtain AAT approval. The effort and time she dedicated to preparing the documentation and getting ready for the AAT hearings were tremendous. She provided advice based on our situation and her experiences. We highly recommend SanLing to everyone. We can’t thank her enough.

Peter & B

Subclass 802 Visa

My husband and I have received good news about visa. My husband and I are very happy and thankful. You have been able to help them a lot. If we did it ourselves wouldn’t be as good as you. Probably wouldn’t be as good as you did. Thank you for this good news.

David O

Thank you San Ling, I couldn’t have filled out the Citizenship Application Form on my own. Your expertise was invaluable and deserves the just reward.

Devina M

Hi Sanling, I just want to say thank you for helping me in obtaining the partner visa!We will require your service again next year for the 801 and will get in contact when it gets near!