Subclass 857 MRT Appeal

SanLing Chan, I will never forget your name and what you did for us.

It’s been a long, long, long journey but we’ve made it with your exceptional devotion. From start to finish it has been a huge battle to get this genuine sponsorship case through and I can finally say that we did it. In between all the stress and despair you have given us confidence, hope and determination to attain our goal and most of all happiness. Today my wife and I can say that we are breathing and it’s all because of you that we are now permanent residents. I remember that there wasn’t one night that you were emailing or calling me, and even the day before the MRT hearing you were relentlessly working on every aspect of it.

If you people reading this are in the same situation as we were, I can tell you one thing: you won’t regret taking SanLing as your Solicitor, she is a true gem.

Thank you again SanLing and I wish you all the very best.